AndyMilonakis on Ice being unbanned


Isnt playing do you have a link :brotherbanks:

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I think Andy is wrong what he said that it will be toxic again and Twitch don’t want to take that risk and that’s why he won’t be unbanned , I’m sure Andy seen chat from 3 years ago then now it’s night and day as people say , Paul made it clear thats he’s over toxic chat and has been able to control it with the help from a bot and good mods. Paul said he been approach about a reform program and even if he doesn’t get unban this time around (I hope he dose) he can try again. People fuck in life and sometimes it takes longer to show you are sorry or for you to fix the mistake, I feel like nowadays Paul understand and is a good person now. CX

hearing andy say this makes me mad, “the toxic onslaught btw” shut up dude, you have no idea what you’re talking about, paul has changed for the better