BreadSmacker's Resume

I graduated high school in 2006, most notably I was able to attend Computer Support and was part of Skills USA and took 2nd place in nationals for Computer Information Technology and 3rd place for chapter business procedures(basically how to hold a conference).
My work experience is mostly retail.
Wal-Mart, Target, PetSmart, Price Chopper, Freelance Construction and Landscaping, Paper Rolling for a newspaper delivery service.
Unloading trucks and stocking shelves
I became disabled in 2008 and am no longer working.
I am not physically disabled.
Image below are scores for my abilities in school(i had to take this test as part of the Employment Agency I was going to get money from to go to college)


You trying to apply for mod or some shit?

nah he said something about sending reumes so he could see some peoples backgrounds, im not interested in managing him, but i am interested on going a trip with him like in a video he saw that he wants to copy

Oh, like the yes theory shit. Interesting… people look like they’ve been sending troll resumes tho. Plus i think a big thing in yes theory is finding someone with character. No offense. But people who stream snipe ice often been pretty introverted. But if he actually means it, then it would be interesting to see if professionalism translates to good candidates.

He really needs a team to manage events and production more than anything right now.

Finally, I think the production can be polished but the attitude can be scuffed. It’s just like good reality tv.

It was more the idea that they didn’t know the person and would get to know them over time, its about taking a risk. “Interesting” is subjective and needs context to be fully understood.

real tho