Concept Merch Design

Hey guys, It’s CryptPixel again and I’m glad that I finally finished this project. I took about three weeks to make these designs as I wanted to make sure that these designs were interesting and cool for Ice to sell as merch.

These design are setup for high quality T-Shirt Prints if needed as their default image size is 6000x4000p which in this reference I’ve provided, these concepts have been shrunk down to 15% of their original size at 900x600p.

I hope you all find this is all rather dope as I think some of these designs are rather better than most content creators merch, at least a good handful of the T-Shirts that I’ve designed here.

Surely with Ice bringing it back for streaming this year, surely I hope it would be a good time to put out merch again, hopefully merch that wouldn’t get you bullied haha, all jokes aside, I’m excited to finally show them here. (Also I hope this Image upload works correctly on the forum at it’s current state.)

Double Click / Open Image In Another Tab to view it larger (Hopefully!)

13 T-Shirt, 2 Hoodies, 1 Scarf, 1 Beanie, 1 Set of Socks, 1 Pint Glass, 1 Lanyard, 2 Key Chains, 2 Pop Sockets, 2 Enamel Pins.

Here’s a Link to a high quality / larger image:


Would get a few things.

F ZoZo
Gang Shit
Mount Fuji
Socks and KeyChain

Please make this happen.

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Hey, If Ice is down for it, I’ll be happy to work with him on it my dude.


this is really good! i would buy some of this! these kinds of themes do sell!


Thank you, I really appreciate the feed back :slight_smile:

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wheres the tongue thing??? But my favorites are the Zozo, infographic, Freezer, japaneses, and the arm thing (differnt color tho)… I had an idea for a hologram design with the arm thing and maybe the tongue thing too.

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and what about fuzzy socks for the guys???

I’ve considered the tongue thing, but to make that into some kind of interesting design seemed a little tricky, depending on what sort of style to go for… I mean, It’s still up for consideration for future shirt designs, so we’ll see. :slight_smile:

As for Fuzzy Socks, I don’t know how realistic it would be for Ice to get in contact with some kind of sock manufacture to make them but who knows.

This is awesome. In addition though you should consider

•Team Cx Shirts and hoodies
• You fucked up Purple
• Ember Goblin
• Queen Goblin (Kim obviously, female exclusive)
• Sleep Goblin

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I would only get the infographic t because it has Ice’s name backwards so nobody will be able to identify where it came from and won’t be too cringe

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I love that arm thing design

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Thanks homie :slight_smile: I think it may be one of my favorites as well

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I’ve thought of doing a goblin T-Shirt design but it would’ve been too time consuming for me to make… as I think for the design I had in mind might’ve taken me 3-5 days to complete, which I’d be burnt out and never finish it.

Eyy, I mean, there’s about 5 other designs that don’t say Ice Poseidon on them, some indirect and what not.

I like the pop sockets, and the low key stuff like the beanie and stealth trident. I also like the Japanese shirts.

Edit: I see you mention pixel size. Are you not doing these in Illustrator (Vector) ? The only time give the printer a rasterized file is if it’s photograph.

I don’t have illustrator otherwise I would, but to remake them in illustrator wouldn’t be too bad I guess. I just only hoped to make a large file size to where it would work out on a shirt.

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It should be fine if it’s big enough. If you’re doing print measure in Inches not pixels. It should be 300dpi CMYK.

If you can buy it. You can use a free alternative vector drawing program called Inkscape.

If you have questions about print hit me up.

Granted all of your designs shouldn’t be vector. Like the Zozo design is fine.

Edit: Typo, I meant all your designs shouldn’t be vector

I know. I did look up pixel ratios to go with anyways, though I felt unsure what to go with as I’d be worried about crashing PhotoShop for certain projects. Like for the F Stream Zozo T-Shirt design, One of the most agonizing designs to finish not because it was tedious like other T-Shirt designs, but that I had Photoshop crash on me when using a smear brush at a certain brush size, as it’s more convenient instead of using Paint Tool Sai, and I have a pretty bomb ass computer, high end shit but Photoshop for whatever reason is either unstable or something. I mean it is a… ‘free’ version of Photoshop if you will haha.

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awesome job on the designs they look very good