Discourse Account Migration Mixer -> Google(YouTube) Authentication

Mixer Login for Discourse will be turned off ~July 22nd

If your e-mail address is the same for your Google(YouTube) Account as your Mixer account you can sign-in with your Google(YouTube) Account and it will automagically associate both accounts together.


It works Pog

Spoke too soon…
There seems to be an issue with Google tokens, after i log out of discourse i am unable to log back in using the Google token. If i try ,I get the error in the screenshot.
The Google token seems to work again only if II first use my Mixer account to login to discourse, log out and then log in again with Google.

Can you log out of forums and try again via Google?

Just logged out and got back in with Google

Thank you!

I keep getting errors and the only way I can do it is if I make an entire new account with google login instead. I can’t add google to my existing account.

What if google account email is different from mixer account email? Just need to make a new account?

e: great descriptive answers below, thx! if anyone’s wondering how to do so, God and Lavitz answered

Also, probably a tall order, but embedding youtube offline chat ( YouTube ) where the Mixer chat is currently embedded would probably be good for community @kthx512

If I make a new account I will lose all my progress :pepehands:

Mine worked just fine

Edit: it’s weird. Sometimes it let’s me sign in tru Google but sometimes it doesn’t

Figured it out but its really scuffed :pog:

After linking with the Google account. When I log in I get the error below. If I keep trying to login it will eventually work.

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You can change the email associated with your Mixer account through Mixer account settings and make it be your Google account email.
Afterwards you log out of the forum , login with your Mixer account so the associated email refreshes and then log out one final time before logging in with your Google account.

Go to your panel and go to your preferences

At your preferences you should see an Email address. Make sure that email address is the same as the the google account you are trying to link. If it is not the same click on the wrench to change it.

After you make sure your Email is all setup, you want to log out of your account


Next you Choose the google login option and select your Google account when prompted. This will give you several Errors. You will need to spam this about 5 times or more for it to finally work.



Exactly what I did. Good stuff Lav :peepolove:

So I already looked at embedding Youtube chat, but they id changes with each livestream it isn’t a persistent id number. Scuffed/Coggins/myself are looking into this more.

Thanks Lavitz!

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