Happy to be alive

I almost died on the 28th . I have to say this , I was the guy on the Ninja, I flew 20ft, at 50mph… i am lucky to be alive , and not broken! … ICEs host was my most successful stream ever. I love IRL. I will be leveling up . And I have to say HUGE thank you too ICE. and the entire Cx community! You will see ALOT more when I get my live u + 4k camera. THANK YOU ALL ! I am DrHaze .


wtf… are you allowed to go into details?

also the 4k camera is a good idea… I personally like the gopro hero 8 with a rode video micro mic because its easy to battery manage with the kit. But definitely a dslr with some battery management would be amazing.

No broken bones? You’re Hella lucky. Glad you’re OK, bro.

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Yeah nothing broken. Legit I flew and smacked the pavement

I feel that, I currently use a hero 7 and a galaxy 9. I just wanna level up

May I ask why the 4k camera is needed? It’s hard enough to hold a stable 1080p30 stream without 4 modems alone. Unless you already have the camera then go for it.

I would be just getting the best equipment because I am unsure if I ever get an opportunity financially to do so ever again. I dont expect to be able to use it’s full potential, but if I can at some point . I see it like a why not scenerio.

Holy shit bro I’m glad you’re ok

Thank you