I need help deciding on a platform

I streamed on YouTube last year and have about 8.82k subs left. A lot unsubscribed because I switched to live streaming. I used to have over 10k as a regular YouTuber. I’m really over that format though. I want to move to mixer as my main platform because Ice heavily endorses it, But what do you guys think? Before I did 7-14 hour IRL Japanese streams with a sponsor who gave me somewhat unlimited data in Japan. Unfortunately though that sponsorship has ended and I have no more data to stream IRL. I can’t compete with Jake at this point even though that was never my goal but people bring it up. Should I try mixer or twitch???

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With Mixer, Ice could give you a host for a boost.

lmao checked ur channel and did not expect u to be a man. anyway, I would say stream on mixer just because its hard af to grow on youtube as a live streamer ( right now ), maybe you could upload highlights from mixer to ur YT channel if there is a good stream that’s the best way to grow, I would say do mixer cause Ice will probably host u a couple of times and your whole goal is to establish some viewers to allow u to be in the top 10 always in IRL

and as mixer grow your viewers will grow overtime obviously u need time it ain’t gonna be fast unless one of ur videos goes viral on YT

for twitch I think there is just too much competition, if u don’t have connections with some big streamers or be parts of shows like on rajjpetal, u won’t really grow

the only exception to this is if u were a hot girl then growing on twitch is easy

I’m going to play devil’s advocate here. Which is going to be a unpopular choice by most people.

Firstly, you asking for “platform” decisions on the Ice_Poseidon forum is always going to lean towards Mixer simply because most of the people from this forum watches Ice_Poseidon regardless of the platform. You asking this question here is like going into a T-Mobile store asking if I should use T-Mobile or Verizon, they’re going to lean towards T-Mobile because you’re in their store. If you asked the same question in the Verizon store, they’ll say Verizon over T-Mobile. The same can be said on this forum. If Ice exclusively streamed on Caffeine, they’d be telling you to stream on Caffeine. The truth is that we’re here to watch Ice regardless of what platform he’s on and will support him. Sure, some of ice’s viewers are “newly” discovered viewers from the Mixer community but a large % of viewers have already knew of Ice Poseidon from previous platforms (twitch, youtube)

Ice endorses Mixer because he’s trying to get partnership / subscriber button on their platform. He’s showing his worth by getting viewers / new streamers onto their platform. Out of Ice’s choices, Mixer is the best for him but that’s not the case for everyone else.

Unless you are actually affiliated with Ice or have met him, don’t gamble on gaining “success” based on Ice hosting you. Your viewers will be his viewers, not your own. Eventually you will have to grow your own audience. An example of this, imagine ice is doing his RV trip on the east coast. All of his viewers will be on his stream, not yours.

Just because you did 7-14 hour IRL streams doesn’t mean much, it’s the quality of content that you put in. Not the # of hours you streamed. Ice on a regular day streams <6 hours/day but his content is memorable because of the content he provides.

My suggestion is to get a real job and do streaming as a side gig until you build your audience/content up again. Doing IRL as your content is expensive and difficult to make a profit out of it.

well im YouTube verified and a twitch affiliate. thats why i ask. thank you for the info tho

The only way you can grow on mixer is with ice helping you, the platform is still in it’s infancy