Ice, you ending the stream is just giving them what they want. Just leave and don’t give it attention, I get that it’s frustrating but just ending it gives the losers an incentive to keep doing it

Fuck callers


I think the bigger problem is people bringing too much attention to it, by ending the stream I think he’s hoping the majority of the viewership will forget about them. They want a reaction and we’re giving them one, not just because Ice ended the stream but also because you have so many people complaining. That’s exactly the reaction they want.


Exactly, and I thought this shit was left in the past. Ice had no callers for a while but they’ve only recently been starting again. I think just muting and getting out of the building is a much better way of dealing with it.


TBH, him just ending the stream along with us not complaining will leave them bored because they aren’t getting the reactions they want. The interaction they want are between the person that answers the call and Paul.

If he keeps the stream going to deal with them or just leaves, he’s just validating their behavior and actions. And give them clips they want.

Wish he’d go out in the day time and do stuff.
IRL itself isn’t dead, but going into businesses has always been a risk factor. I get it you’re bored and want to have fun and a few drinks, but you can’t stream that anymore without knowing the owners pretty much.

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do callers go here on forum? what you guys think?

But people will complain, viewers will get mad and they will react because Ice is punishing all of his viewers for something one person did. Everyone is gonna say “CALLERS RUINED STREAM” and the caller got what he wanted and everyone else is pissed. The other problem is now everyone is talking about it. Apposed to if he muted the stream, black screen, dealt with it, and continued with the stream as if nothing had happened.

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I think its fitting to revive this post, what do y’all think Ice should do? I feel like blaming chat just makes it worse. I also understand Ice probably just wanted to hang out with Hyphonix off stream since they haven’t actually hung out in a while but he should’ve just said that if that was the case instead of blaming chat.

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Its a mixture of both TBH. But it is a big group tho. Having the stream would just ruin the fun.

True. I fully believe that we will soon go to irl streams being exclusive to travel streams. I’m not mad at it though.