Please help our boy out and show love in the twitch appeal today I’m going to be posting this in the comments once he realises it in hope that twitch reads


I don’t think a public appeal is the way to go about it to be honest. It’s like the mixer partner application - he was constantly doing things for the sake of getting partner and constantly talking about getting partner and not just streaming and seeing if partner comes as a consequence. It does not feel as sincere when it is forced like that.

The public appeals by a few other streamers like Lindsey are different because they were banned from Twitch, moved on, had successful careers on another platform with a similar TOS, and then that platform closed leaving them without a platform they had a following on. It was an organic journey for them that had shown they were responsible and not something they were mentioning constantly and trying to get to happen constantly. They were very much stuck through little fault of their own, so their pleas rung true as sincere.

Ice got banned, made it a point to do the exact opposite of what Twitch wanted, eventually failed at that, and then tried to reform. He went to mixer to aid that cause however unlike Lindsey and others he is not stuck trying to rebuild from scratch without a platform - his YouTube was always bigger than his mixer account. He is always trying to prove he has changed and talking about how he has changed rather than just changing, letting that speak for itself and hoping an unban appeal is accepted. To me at least it comes across as trying to be reformed for the sake of mixer partner / twitch unban rather than reforming and mixer partner & twitch unban coming as a consequence for that. I don’t think he should talk about it as much as he does just like how I don’t think he should’ve constantly mentioned mixer partnership.

If it works I’m happy for him, but I doubt it will work, or even make him look good in Twitch’s eyes.

edit: Not to mention this being possibly the absolute worst time to make this video. Black lives matter being the current topic means that regardless of how much Ice has disavowed his past streams I simply see zero reason why Twitch would open the gates for the terrible PR that would inevitably come their way by unbanning him. With their site under even more press attention than usual through the Dr Disrespect situation & all of the sexual harassment allegations bad PR is the absolute last thing they will be interested in - they will want to steady the ship, not rock the boat further.

I understand that by seeing other mixer streamers (who were partnered) getting unbanned the temptation is there to try your own hand at it but from Twitch’s POV I really don’t see this helping.