The Time I Met Ice 1 Year Ago.

Seeing him in person was Intimidating to be honest. Literally felt like I was going to be crushed or something as he walked towards me lol. I’m 5’5" if anyone wanted to know the height differences there.


lmfao bro xD wtf

Haha, Carrying the battery bank too.

I can’t tell if this is real or now. You literally look like a cardboard cutout next to him.


It’s real, I went to see him in El Paso On March 30th, 2019. Volde was kind enough to let me know where they were since they weren’t like streaming. Not only that, but I got Ice’s autograph which looks scuffed as hell which I think if you look into my profile you can find it hopefully.

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Your hair tho. You have beanie on, and then your hair like a brim of a hat. How? lol

So many things look odd in this picture. lol


That’s how I usually wear my beanie… It normally rests directly on top of my head

Just a example of another picture of me with my beanie further back. Let alone myself being in white sands near El-Paso but yeah.

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Damn Dude, Here’s the same outfit even. I just feel very insecure in how I look most of the time, so I’ve edited my face to some extent, but yeah. I just feel like I’m big yikes homie lol. But I hope this is enough, hat is far back still and all that, same shoes etc.